So I’ve finally given in to writing a blog. It makes sense, I enjoy writing, and words, vocabulary. I’m good at it, too. But we’re always told not to say when we’re good at something for fear of being arrogant (who says society has low self esteem?) I am also good at leadership. I have learnt this from my experience. My experience of being led well, my experience of being led badly…my experience of leading well, and, most emphatically, my experience of leading badly.

But I digress. My point is that I don’t want to write a blog because there is already too much noise out there. Why should I add to it? What will I blog about? What do I know about? I know about me. So that is what I shall blog about. My experience.

I have fundamentally changed over the years. But there is one thing that I have always found to be important….fairness.

In my adolescence, I was a metaller* I was surrounded by ravers, and we fought (think ’90s version mods and rockers) I had an arch nemesis, whom I shan’t name to protect the guilty…but you get the point. The Friday before our GCSE exams, in a prearranged stunt, the head raver pushed one of the other girls (neutral, as it happens) into the pond. The head raver got suspended (despite the “victim” being complicit)  and banned from taking her exams the following week.

I was outraged. Never had my young self seen such injustice. So I started a petition to allow her to take her exams and got it signed by the whole school. Now, I have no idea whether or not that action made any difference to the actions of the school administration, and I suspect it didn’t….but that girl, my sworn enemy, came and thanked me in the street for that teenage sense of indignation, some years later, having been allowed to take her GCSEs.

My sense of doing the right thing has not changed. It’s not about doing the right thing because the person is a friend, or it will look good, or it fits in. It is about doing it because it is right.

*still proudly a metaller

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