Day 15: An Action Day.

This is my umpteenth attempt to complete Julian Stodd’s ‘Social Leadership: My 1st 100 Days’ programme, as a participant, myself. I am familiar with the work, having worked with Julian at Sea Salt Learning for almost 2 years now, and have taken other groups through it, but I am a firm believer that you learn more by doing, and that shared experience leads to empathy, and therefore more effective learning experiences. So, am I doing it for myself, or for others? Both, I think. To learn more about the work from an emotional, self reflective standpoint, to become a better Social Leader, and also to help me better understand the experience of learners going through it.

The real bonus, though, for me, and the reason that I have managed to get to day 15, is that I am doing this with my crew. We have a slack channel, and we are sharing our answers together in that space, and we are also sharing them on twitter. For me, there are some days that my response is for crew eyes only, as they know me more intimately than the twitter-sphere, and that is important, but by and large we are #WorkingOutLoud (appropriately, within curated boundaries!). We have collected others, too…there is a local authority group, and an open university group, at least…there are some independents, and some curious folk. There are some who have been doing it alone, for a long time (fair play…that didn’t work for me!) and those who are new to it.

Just taking a few minutes out each day before I start work to consider the thought provoking questions is very powerful, and not very time consuming. Then, as the day goes on, I get to see the answers of my crew come out, which provokes more conversation, and often, more questions. For example, on Day 11: ‘What will you be known for?’, when we all made our lists, Saskia asked us to consider where we would like to be on the lists of others, which really helped me to look at myself and my motivation, and how that might affect my actions and my authenticity. Fascinating.

I’m writing this here because today is an action day, and I have been failing to take the action of blogging. I have been writing blogs in my head and yet not committing them to the page (often about failure to blog…), as I have thus far been unable to make blogging the habit I aspire to it being. I want to write my own story of my journey, and just like the actual journey, the story so far is a foundering example with many false starts, mistakes and confused priorities, but…it will get there…nothing worthwhile has ever come easy.

You can buy ‘Social Leadership: My 1st 100 Days’ on amazon, and you can find Julian’s daily podcasts, on both iTunes and PlayerFM.

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